International Virtual Lectures

35th Varady Workshop for Phlebology, Lymphology and Angiology - 1st VeinsInternational Congress Vienna - Nov. 21st 2020 from 15:00 - 18:30 CET
Endolaser, Miniphlebectomy, Microphlebectomy
INTERNATIONAL PANELISTS - Sergio Gianesini - Italy, Jaroslaw Kalemba - Poland, Shoaib Padaria - India, Rüdiger Damisch - Austria, Larisa Chernukha - Ukraine, Philipp Hertzman - USA, Mark Whiteley - Great Britain, Lowell Kabnick - USA, Imre Bihari - Hungary, Zeh Gonzalez - Chile, Malay Patel - India, Horst Peter Steffen - Germany -
International Panelists
Hungary, Imre Bihari
Laser Crossectomy
Ukraine, Larisa Chernukha
Laser Coagulation
Germany, Manuel Cornely
Lipohyperplasia dolorosa
Mexico, Josefina Duque Goicochea
patterns of the safenous vein reflux
Mexico, Rosa Luz Landín García
mechanochemical ablation
Switzerland, Dominik Heim
Tipps and Tricks and review of the past
Poland, Jaroslaw Kalemba
Miniphlebectomy acc. to Varady
Russia, Matvey Parikow
Mexico, Sergio Perez
need for proper venous mapping
Mexico, Ricky Luis Perez Lucas
Mexico, Jose Aristeo Reyes
New Techniques for CVI
Germany, Horst-Peter Steffen
Foam Sclerotherapy after Surgery
Mexico, Vicente Andres Alvarado Velez
Thermosclerosis by radiofrequency and sclerotherapy
Austria, Florian Wolf
Optimed venous stenting VCS syndrome