Start: Introduction film Vienna

02:38: Welcome Words - Alexander Flor

05:04: Welcome Words - Zoltán Várady

07:03: Zoltán Várady, Germany: Miniphlebectomy acc. to Varady: Technique

23:02: Uldis Maurins, Latvia: Endolaser & Miniphlebectomy: How we do it

48:23: Petar Dragic, Serbia: Endolaser & Miniphlebectomy: Special cases

01:17:43: Denis Borsuk, Russia: Endolaser & Miniphlebectomy: Literature & my Practice

01:45:32: Frantisek Zernovicky, Slovakia: Endolaser & Miniphlebectomy: How to avoid complications

02:12:38: Zoltán Böhm, Germany: Miniphlebectomy & Microphlebectomy in C1, C2

02:42:09: Alexander Flor, Austria: Endolaser & Miniphlebectomy in a clinical setting

03:05:38: Nora Sanchez Nicolat, Mexico: Endolaser in combination with Miniphlebectomy in Mexico

03:17:43: Alexander Flor: Announcement of next Webinar

03:23:27: Zoltán Várady: Germany: Miniphlebectomy acc. to Várady: History